There is no doubt that cryptocurrencies are here to stay and will continue to impact the world in ways never imagined.  ICOs, or Initial Coin Offerings, are revolutionizing the way that start ups raise funds by allowing them to bypass much of the red tape associated with traditional fundraising.

Some of the greatest cryptocurrencies and projects that exist today started off as an ICO, however, we must not ignore the immense potential for scams. While ICOs may be considered higher risk investments compared to formerly established currencies, ignoring them all together would leave many gems untouched. While uncovering these gems may take additional tact, capable developers behind an honest ICO team can lead their project beyond the growth of any given cryptocurrencies use as a standard value of measure.

To combat ICO scams and provide investors with the assurance that they aren’t investing in a potentially fraudulent project, we have created an auditing system that establishes a Trust Score based on business risk research alongside digital and network forensics.

Requested by John McAfee

Trust Score
Pod One5 View Review
Eristica5 View Review
CarVertical4.9View Review
Freelancer Coin4.8View Review
Moozicore4.6 View Review
Skraps4.85 View Review
RxEAL 4.5 View Review
Outing3.9 View Review
Nimbus3.9 View Review
Geneviève 4.5 View Review
Knowledge4.5 View Review
Fina Coin View Review
Static Coin View Review
BitCashConnect View Review